The Guy and the Lady
Lady : Excuse me sir,what time is it, please ?
Guy : Hello girl, I'll give tht ime if you give a little bit of it !
Lady : What ?!
Guy : Or just your number will be fine too... !!
Lady : Hm... Forget about it...
Have you already tried to add some coconut to your chocolate mousse ? [I know where's the exit....]

Oh My Gosh I HATE coconut ! If you want to kill me, put some of it in my dishes… I CAN’t even smell it XD

#2 - Visiting my own city, Brussels - My love.

Another sunny day, another story today. The Lady was just walking without any point into her beautiful city. She wasn’t looking for anything, just letting herself get lost and find her way somewhere there.

She wasn’t really trendy today. An old blue jeans with black zebra Vans and a royal bleu shirt. Nothing special.

She was walking into a very little street near the Grand Market of Brussels. That area is called the Old Brussels. It was created in the first part of the Middle Ages and was a very popular. A lot of artisans were working and selling their products there.

The Lady was looking at the restaurants of that little street - called La Rue Des Bouchers - when a tender called her. She was walking slowly and he was very close to her. “Good afternoon, he said. If I was you, I’d come here to have the best meal of the city”. The Lady just smiled at him and continued to walk. They all have the best meals of the city out here… Some meters away, another young guy called her. “Hello, miss. It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it ?” he said with a very charming smile and some deep brown eyes. “Indeed”, she answered. The restaurant was pretty and not too big. She loves that kind of places. “You should come in, miss, and chose one of our suggestions. I’m sure we have what you love.” he continued. He was already showing her a table inside. The Lady starred at him then he said “and, of course, we can do a special price for the pretty girls like you”.

The Lady thanked him and continued her way. She’ll probably come out here another time…

Life seems easy for a so called Pretty Girl…

XoXo - Lady of Flesh

#1 - “May I ask you a cigarette ?”

They other day, the Lady was walking on the street. The weather was really sunny and pretty warm. She was wearing her navy blue slim jeans with a pretty shirt and a black jacket. The jacket was actually a very bad choice for that day. She was walking very fast because she was late for a meeting… The jacket became too hot to keep it on.

As you probably already know it, the Lady smokes. And she had her cigarette in her right hand. Too warm, she decided to keep the jacket off. As she was opening it, a guy called her. Her cigarette was laying on her lips. She turned her head to face him and saw that wierd glow in his eyes. “Hi, may I ask you a cigarette, beautiful lady ?” he asked. The Lady is very generous. She put her bag on the ground, searched for her pack and gave him a cigarette. She didn’t say a word. Thinking that her bag was on the ground, she could now leave her jacket easily.

The guy continued to talk to her… “Thank you so much. I’m very angry because none come in my shop to buy anything. Life is hard.” The Lady just smiled at him. Delivered from her jacket, she took back her bag and began to walk away when the guy ran after her and stopped her again. “What do you want, now ?” she asked. He answerd “do you have a lighter ?” She laughed gently. “Seriously, you don’t even have a lighter ?”. He said he wasn’t a real smoker but sometimes he liked a cigarette. She continued to laugh while she was looking for her lighter. She gave it to him and said “It seems like you’re going to ask something else…”. He lighted his cigarette and gave her back the lighter. After a few seconds he said “You are really pretty and cute. Your smile is fabulous… What’s your name ?”

The Lady starred at him for seconds then she turned her back to him and went away. She was smiling again… And the guy tried to make her come back… in vain.

Using the excuse of asking a cigarette is probably the most pathetical kind of thing a guy can do. Whatever the Lady must admit that, a long time ago, she was writing her phone number on her cigarette… In case a hot guy was asking, she could gave him a chance to meet…*She doesn’t do it anymore…*

Anyway, that a pretty normal day in the life of a so called Pretty Girl.

Xo - Lady of Flesh